A letter from Beamsy
Date of Event Essendon Maribyrnong Park Ladies Cricket Club: Sun Dec 1, 2019 11:33AM

Today, Bomber Kristen Beams announced her retirement from all levels of the game.  After debuting in red and black in 2006/07, she retires as one of the club’s most decorated players; Premierships, Club Champion Awards, a former captain, coach, and most importantly a great friend.


On behalf of the club we thank Beamsy for her contribution to EMP on and off the field. The cultural impact in particular she's had on the club has been invaluable and will never be underestimated.


Beamsy has penned the following letter to the EMP family.




A letter to my family…


Family can be a word over used in a sporting context, so please know that I’ve carefully chosen the word when referring to EMPLCC. I’m not only a player developed by the people that make up EMPLCC but also a person. And on a day like today, my final day as a cricketer, I wanted to say thank you.


My story of how I made it to EMPLCC is quite the fairytale.  I mean, when you are already star struck because you have just met Mel Jones and Clea Smith and then they ask you to play for their club. It’s the kind of thing you dream about as a kid from country Tasmania. But that day for me will also stay with me as a defining day, that along with the DVD they gave me with all their antics (on and off field) I knew I was going to have some fun.


So there I was, a young player, flying in to play club cricket in Melbourne, trying to find an answer to a question, was I good enough to play for Victoria, if I’m honest… I thought it was 50/50 at best.


But putting on a red and black uniform changed me, all of a sudden I felt like I was walking a bit taller (which is a wonderful feeling at 162cms), I’ve got these amazing team mates; mentoring me, empowering me and I feel like I’m a part of something so much bigger than me.


The EMPLCC family literally put their arms around me…


We won some and we lost some (usually to a dominant Dandenong in the semi finals) and then in 2007/8 we did something that will forever be one of my greatest memories, we won a Premier Firsts Premiership the first in 18 years. Seeing past players walk onto the field in tears made me realise this is what its all about.  CLUB, TEAM, INDIVIDUAL!


That influence, values and people make me who I am, how can you ever repay that… The answer is, you can’t.


But I think things happen for a reason and when I was left out of the Stars team last week I had a chance to get back to Aberfeldie and play one last game of T20 for EMPLCC, not knowing it would be my last. And it was perfect, it was a gutsy EMP win… To be out there with my 2 great mates in Crack and Nat was perfect and Cracky wound back the clock hitting 16 off the last over if you don’t mind.


To the current players, you have a big job. You must take our club forward, wrap your arms around people, empower them and mentor them, to not only be the best player they can be, but also the best person.


To Lou and the Executive… You aren’t ever front and centre but what you do is incredible.


To Neil, Nat and Lyndall… You have the hardest job in cricket and you do it with a smile on your face, that’s the EMPLCC way – thank you.


To the people at EMPLCC who influenced me the most, you know who you are. And my life is so much better with you in it – thank you!


Wearing no. 26 for Victoria has been an incredible privilege… I’m all for the romance of cricket, I’d very much love an EMPLCC player to choose it in the future so we can keep it in our family.


All the best for the future - Go Bombers.


Love Beamsy




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Author: Erini Gianakopoulos

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