Nat Schilov joins CV 200 Club
Date of Event Essendon Maribyrnong Park Ladies Cricket Club: Fri Nov 1, 2019 2:10PM

This Sunday afternoon’s 1st XI T20 against Plenty Valley will see EMP Life Member and 1st XI Coach Natalie Schilov qualify for CV 200 Club Membership.



200 Club Membership is awarded to players who play 200 1st XI matches (not that records are currently only available from 2008/09 onwards).



Here's an insight into the Nat we have watched grow into the amazing club person she is today, as told by great mate Briana Binch.




Joining EMP in the 2004/05 season, after being recruited from the Melton South Primary School Juniors team, she’s grown up to achieve great success, both on and off the field.



A passionate cricketer, who has played over 200 games for the club, she gives her all for the red and black every time she takes the field.

Off field, she’s a true club person, a person everyone wants to have at their club!



Over the past 15 years, there are not too many positions she hasn’t held or at some stage lended a hand to assist. There’s the formal positions  of;



Executive Committee Member

Social Coordinator

Junior Program Coordinator

Bar Coordinator

Co-Coach of the Club

Captain and Vice Captain of the 1st XI

1st XI Coach



And many more informal positions such as;


helping to prepare the wicket,

completing the pitch markings,

completing pre-match ground checks

laying down the covers on a week night, often with only the park dogs to assist.

removing the covers

cleaning up the rooms

taking out the bins

Organising social functions, unofficial dinners and spike ball tournaments

preparing drinks and afternoon teas

and so many more!



She would regularly be seen down at the club at all hours of the day and night, doing whatever was required.

As a player, who has been involved in eight winning Premierships, she is committed to being as best prepared as she can. One of the first to arrive and last to leave training over the years, her attitude to training is something many should aspire to. Although she’s trained hard, there is always a good balance, and she makes sure everyone is having fun whilst at it!



As a vice captain and captain of the club for many years, she played a large role leading and developing the next generation of players. After consistently making runs, and being on the list of the top run scorers of the club year on year, she deservedly made her debut for the VicSpirit in 2011.



As a batter, everyone knows her favourite shot… The Michael Jackson cut shot! If you bowl short and wide, you get punished through point, if you try to put four gullies in there to stop her, she will still hit it past them!!! Nothing can stop the ball racing to the boundary backward of point, a shot that many are extremely envious of! Just don’t talk to her for a little while after she goes out!



Some of you may even be surprised (although I’m sure you have heard it many times before), she has also claimed a 5 wicket hall for EMP with what could be only described as a ‘round arm’ medium pace bowling action.



The Schilov Family are the heart and soul family that have all embraced EMP over the years. With Donna still currently serving as the 1st XI scorer, Julien being a previous curator at Aberfeldie Park, Martin siting on the hill drinking VB tinnies of late and who could forget the family cry of ‘Woof Woof Woof’, from Alex Schilov on the sidelines. It’s easy to see where she gets her passion, commitment and loyalty from!



A fighter, and someone that hates losing however above all else, a great person!


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Author: Erini Gianakopoulos

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