Tomeka's Time!
Date of Event Essendon Maribyrnong Park Ladies Cricket Club: Wed Oct 10, 2018 3:14PM

12 years to the day after her older sister Jenna debuted for EMP, Tomeka Fowlie finally got the chance to don the red and black for the first time in the round one Premier 2nds match against Plenty Valley on Sunday.

We caught up with the 16 year old to hear about her earliest memories at the club (as our number one fan) as well as what it was like to finally take the field for the Bombers.


What are some of your earliest memories at EMP?
One of my favourite memories at EMP with my sister was that when she played a home game, I would go to all the different fitness circuits around the park while watching her bowl. I also remember being a total pain to her but hey that's what sisters do. 

Mel Jones played a huge part in my childhood, from buying me my first kit (plastic) to getting me to do a photo shoot for Cricket Victoria as a Milo cricketer. She believed that cricket would get to me at some time and she was confident that I would play, so confident that she made a top with 'number one draft pick, EMP 2013'. Did I also mention she got a letter to my favourite player, Megan Schutt.


What made you comeback and play for EMP?
I guess I just wanted to repay the favour to everyone and continue the Fowlie name, so EMP felt like the perfect choice. 



 How have you enjoyed getting back in to cricket?

For me to enjoy my cricket I try to focus on the things I am grateful for and that is all of the friends I have made throughout cricket. So for me to move back to a club where I already knew a lot of people, I just kept in mind the friendships that I could make and the memories that will stay with me forever. 



What are you looking forward to most this year at EMP? 

I want to get more experience out of EMP. I feel like it is a great club with wide range of coaches and players who I can learn off. I just want to improve my game and hopefully go somewhere in the future but if that doesn't happen, just meeting new people and playing the game I love is enough.  


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